Notes and Abbreviations
Dimensions are given in inches, then centimeters; height precedes width.
A key to bibliographical abbreviations and manuscript collections follows. Extensive bibliographies of the Trumbull literature appear in the first edition of Sizer’s Works (see Sizer 1967) and Jaffe 1975.
In order to make the identification of Trumbull’s works accord with the artist’s own designations, the wording of most titles used here follows that in the 1832 Catalogue published at the opening of the Trumbull Gallery at Yale or Trumbull’s “Account of Paintings.” (The 1832 Catalogue was republished in Trumbull’s 1841 Autobiography; only the enumeration differs.)
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Jaffe 1975
Jaffe, Irma B., John Trumbull: Patriot-Artist of the American Revolution. Boston, 1975.
Morgan 1926
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Rollin 1768
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Silliman, “Notebook”
Silliman, Benjamin. “Notebook.” Unpublished reminiscences, 1857. YUL-SF. Although a typescript exists, page references here are to the original manuscript, which is divided into two separately paginated sections (I and II).
Sizer 1953
Sizer, Theodore, ed. The Autobiography of Colonel John Trumbull: Patriot-Artist, 1756–1843. New Haven, 1953.
Sizer 1967
Sizer, Theodore. The Works of Colonel John Trumbull. Rev. ed. New Haven, 1967 (1st ed., 1950).
Trumbull, “Account of Paintings”
Trumbull, John. “Account of Paintings by Jno. Trumbull. Copied from an Early Book which was Ruined by Damp.” YUL-JT. Divided into two sections, the first (I) works executed between 1770 and 1783; the second (II), pictures done in London, 1784. Reprinted in the Tale University Library Gazette, 22 (April 1948), pp. 116–23.
Trumbull 1831
Trumbull, John. Draft of an exhibition list (for Trumbull 1832). FUL.
Trumbull 1832
Trumbull, John. Catalogue of Paintings by Colonel Trumbull . . . Now Exhibiting in the Gallery of Yale College. . . , New Haven, 1832.
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Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston
The New-York Historical Society; John Trumbull Papers
Yale University; Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Yale University Library; Benjamin Franklin Collection
Yale University Library; John Trumbull Papers
Yale University Library; Silliman Family Papers
Notes and Abbreviations
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