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James N. Wood
James N. Wood (1941–2010) is former director of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Wood, James N.
Wood, James N.
United States of America
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Description: The Art of the Edge: European Frames 1300–1900
Art museums are in essence frames. A museum separates the art it contains from the chaos of the outside world and encourages aesthetic appreciation. We enter The Art Institute of Chicago through doorways framed by a monumental Renaissance Revival façade. Inside, the walls, ceilings, and openings of the original 1893 building that houses the European...
Description: The Ancient Americas: Art from Sacred Landscapes
A century ago, in 1893, the World’s Columbian Exposition was held in the city of Chicago. Expressing the optimism of that era, this international fair celebrated the idea of universal progress, the promise of science and industry, and the seemingly limitless prospect of economic growth and prosperity. The assumptions and values reflected in the organization of this exposition were also evident in the growth of the city and the vast transformation of the man-made environment in the United States …
Description: Ancient West Mexico: Art and Archaeology of the Unknown Past
Anyone traveling across the United States from Okracoke to Chicago, or along the Mississippi and through the Dakotas past Wenatchee to Seattle, or southwest between Acoma and Tehachapi Pass, will be naming the names of Amerindian peoples and the titles they gave to the landscape. From Central Mexico southward to Guatemala, the memory of early peoples and places is marked by the ruins of cities, pyramids, and processional ways at Teotihuacan, Monte Albán, Uxmal, Tikal, and scores of other ancient …