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Kriz, K. Dian
Kriz, K. Dian
United States of America
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Description: Art and Emancipation in Jamaica: Isaac Mendes Belisario and His Worlds
When Isaac Mendes Belisario returned to his native Jamaica in the early 1830s from London, where he had grown up and trained as an artist, he was entering a colony preoccupied...
PublisherYale Center for British Art
PublisherYale University Press
Description: Art on the Line: The Royal Academy Exhibitions at Somerset House 1780–1836
THOMAS ROWLANDSON’S DRAWING, The Exhibition Stare Case (c.1800;The drawing has been dated c.1800 by John Hayes, in The Art of Thomas Rowlandson, Alexandria, Virginia 1990, 72. fig. 41), is surely one of the wittiest images ever produced on the subject of...
PublisherPaul Mellon Centre