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Mirjam Brusius (Editor), Katrina Dean (Editor), Chitra Ramalingam (Editor)
Description: William Henry Fox Talbot: Beyond Photography
Key Dates in Talbot’s Scholarly and Scientific Life
Mirjam Brusius (Editor), Katrina Dean (Editor), Chitra Ramalingam (Editor)
PublisherYale Center for British Art
PublisherPaul Mellon Centre
Key Dates in Talbot’s Scholarly and Scientific Life
1800 Born at Melbury House, Dorset.
1811 Accepted at Harrow School.
1816 Correspondence with the botanist William Jackson Hooker begins.
1817 Enters Trinity College, Cambridge.
1820 Porson Prize for Greek Verse, Cambridge.
1821 BA, twelfth wrangler, Chancellor’s Classical Medal, Cambridge.
1822 First mathematical publication.
1824 Meets John Frederick William Herschel.
1826 Meets David Brewster. Botanical expedition to Corfu.
1827 Lacock Abbey becomes principal residence.
1830 Publication of Legendary Tales, in Verse and Prose.
1832 Elected to Parliament as a Whig. Marries Constance Mundy.
1833 Visual persistence experiments.
1834 First period of photochemical experiments.
1836 Invitation to give Bakerian Lecture to the Royal Society for his investigations of crystals.
1838 Royal Society’s Royal Medal for work in mathematics. Publication of Hermes, or Classical and Antiquarian Researches, volume 1.
1839 Reads “Some Account of the Art of Photogenic Drawing” to the Royal Society and presents his photographic invention to the public. Publication of The Antiquity of the Book of Genesis: Illustrated by Some New Arguments and volume 2 of Hermes, or Classical and Antiquarian Researches.
1841 First patent for calotype process.
1842 Royal Society’s Rumford Medal for discoveries and improvements in photography.
1843 Supports founding of first photographic mass-production facility, at Reading, by Nicolaas Henneman. First photographic experimental demonstration at the British Museum.
1844 Publication of first installments of The Pencil of Nature. Journey to Scotland.
1845 Publication of Sun Pictures in Scotland.
1847 Publication of English Etymologies.
1851 Spark illumination experiment for instantaneous photography.
1852 Patent for photographic engraving. Another photography trial at the British Museum, by invitation of Lord Rosse.
1853 First notebooks on Assyriology.
1857 Cuneiform “decipherment event.”
1858 Patent for photoglyphic engraving.
1867 First installment of “Contributions towards a Glossary of the Assyrian Language.”
1875 Private printing of “Commentary on the Deluge Tablet, Together with a Second Tablet in the British Museum Relating Apparently to the Deluge,” three years after George Smith’s discovery of the tablet in the British Museum.
1876 Publication of “The Fight Between Bel and the Dragon, and the Flaming Sword Which Turned Every Way.”
1877 Dies at Lacock Abbey.
Key Dates in Talbot’s Scholarly and Scientific Life
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