Editorial Notes
The following editorial guidelines have been use to prepare content for this platform:
Books on the site replicate the print version to the best of our ability. Typographic and conversion errors, if detected, have been corrected.
Book descriptions featured on the platform date to the book's original publication.
Author biographies on the site are intended to be current (i.e., updated since the book was originally published).
No attempt has been made to update the image captions in the books on the portal; the image metadata, however, often provides more current information.
Any artwork discussed in multiple titles is reconciled under a single set of metadata. For this reason, image metadata may not always align with caption information.
An explanatory note will appear in the few situations where additions or changes to a book's content were made.
When multiple editions of a book exist, the most recent edition was used for the portal.
When a footnote reference is made in one book to another title that also exists on the portal, a link has been added to the footnote so that the user can go directly to the cited reference, if desired.
As all titles have been converted into XML to enable sophisticated searching, all books on the portal are presented in the same format. No design features specific to the book's original print version have been maintained.
Some aspects of the print book are no longer valid or meaningful in the online version (e.g., page number references), but have been maintained to preserve the integrity of the original publication.
Images used in the print publication to enhance the design and presentation (i.e., full-bleed details on frontispieces, etc.) have been removed.
Images that do not comport with fair use have been removed, but the image metadata is retained on the site.
There are out-of-print titles on the site that originally issued from another publisher (i.e., Cambridge University Press), but the rights have been reverted to the author. The electronic version on the portal is thus listed as a Yale University Press title, but its original publication information is also retained.
If you have questions about editorial policies, please contact us at support@aaeportal.com.