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The Death of Bara

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Description: The Death of Bara
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Description: Extremities: Painting Empire in Post-Revolutionary France
Endymion’s reclining face is eclipsed like a crescent moon,; offering less than a half view, crowned by oversized features which swell large, arching, and full, all lips, nostril, eyelid, and brow...
PublisherYale University Press
Related print edition pages: pp.9-63
Description: Flesh and the Ideal: Winckelmann and the Origins of Art History
Among many ways in which I might have defined the historical afterlife of Winckelmann’s work, I have deliberately singled out two very loaded engagements with his image of the Greek ideal, the first connected with the politics of the 1789 French Revolution and the second with late nineteenth-century aestheticism and definitions of homosexual identity. In each instance, a distinctive combination of historical circumstances made Winckelmann’s conception of Greek art particularly compelling as the …
PublisherYale University Press

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