Delve into art and architectural history in a new way.
The A&AePortal provides an innovative digital environment in which to discover and interact with important art and architectural history scholarship. With deep tagging on images and text, a robust image search that directs users toward relevant publications, and an interactive online reader tailored for highly illustrated works, the A&AePortal offers a powerful research tool for today’s students and scholars.
Exclusive content
Explore backlist and more recent publications that are available exclusively on this digital platform. Out-of-print books, which are often difficult to access, are uniquely obtainable here in electronic form.
Accessible and affordable
Instantly expand your library’s collection with access to recent publications and classic works of scholarship. Multi-user institutional access provides classrooms with easy access to chapters and customizable coursepacks without additional cost.
Search content across a variety of distinguished university press and museum publishers on a single site.
Research by text and images to discover and connect scholarship across multiple publications. Out-of-print and backlist titles can be rediscovered and easily compared with more recent scholarship.
For a full list of features and benefits, download the brochure or view our platform features list.
The A&AePortal is built on a platform developed by Librios, LTD.