Resources for Librarians
This page provides a list of available resources for librarians who are managing an institutional account.
Marketing the A&AePortal
The brochure provides a good overview of the scope, content, and features of the A&AePortal. Click on the button below to download and share the brochure.
We publish newsletters on a monthly basis to keep our users apprised of the latest releases on content development.
Institutional Account administration
As an Institutional Account Administrator, you will have access to usage reports from the A&AePortal.
To view usage reports:
1Login with the administrative account. This should be the administrative account email. If you are not sure who your administrator is, please contact us at
2Go to the account profile.
3On the left navigation menu, visit the Institutional Account options section at the bottom of the menu.
4Select "Institutional analytics" to view the usage reports that are available for download.
Other resources
To request a title list, MARC records, platform user guides, handouts and more, please contact us at